Design Week

May 06 - May 12

Lithuania is not a big country, but our design plays an important role both in Lithuania itself and internationally. So perhaps, one should not be surprised that the Lithuanian designers, who regularly stun with their exceptional works, come together every May for a seven day art fiesta- Design Week. The events take place throughout the country, a total of six cities, but the main part of the festival, of course, remains in the capital, where the action spreads throughout the city. The citizens of Vilnius, as well as the city guests, are granted the opportunity to get acquainted with young designers and commercial brands, while the latter get a great chance to promote their products in shop and cafe windows across the city center or in their studios and workshops. Seems the festival is quite aptly described as “quality and style propaganda every spring” for a reason. Therefore, if aesthetics is one of your passions, plan your schedule and route in Vilnius according to the calendar of this week. But wherever design takes you within the city, do not forget to also admire some flowering nature.

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